Diane De Noble

As bandleader of On the Roxx, Diane DeNoble performs a solo act and in a variety of DUOS, TRIOS, bands and production shows... all also available for booking, as well as being available for booking as a freelance vocalist.  






Below are links to the websites and a calendar of upcoming/past appearances...



Jan 4      On the Roxx       Wellington Amphitheater

Jan 5      On the Roxx      Shindig's

Jan 6     Hal and Di            Boca West

Jan 13   Hal and Di           Streb's

Jan 20     On the Roxx      Wellington Equestrian Center

Jan 26     On the Roxx      Private

Jan 27     On the Roxx       Private


Feb 2      On the Roxx       Shindigs

Feb 3       Opening Act        Private

Feb 9       On the Roxx      Downtown at the Gardens

Feb 10     On the Roxx       Private/Wedding

Feb 14    Hal and Di           Private

Feb 15    On the Roxx        Clematis by Night

Feb 16    On the Roxx       Harbourside Amphitheater

Feb 17    On the Roxx      Deerfield Beach Pioneer Festival

Feb 23    Hal and Di          Boca West / Private

Feb 24    On the Roxx        Wellington Equestrian Center


March 3   On the Roxx     St. Ambrose Carnival

March 9   On the Roxx       Village Pump

March 10  On the Roxx      Corporate/Private

March 16  On the Roxx     Alabama Joes 

March 17  On the Roxx     Twisted Tuna

March 19  Alex Donner Orchestra   Private 

March 23 On the Roxx       Shindigs

March 24  Big Dog & Little Kitty  Wood and Fire

March 30  On the Roxx      Lake Park

March 31   On the Roxx     Gulfstream Park


April 6      On the Roxx     Charlie's Bar

April 7       Hal and Di        Private

April 11     On the Roxx    Delray Marketplace

April 12     On the Roxx     Wellington Amphitheater

April 13    On the Roxx      Silverball Museum

April 20    On the Roxx      Alabama Joe's

April 21    Hal and Di         Private

April 27     On the Roxx     Downtown at the Gardens

April 28    Hal and Di        Private


April 29 - May 6   ABBA   Oasis of the Seas


May 10     Riverdown       Private 

May 11      Hal and Di       Private

May 12      Hal and Di       Brass Monkey

May 25      On the Roxx   Alabama Joes

May 26      On the Roxx  Charley's Bar


June 10    Solo Show    Private Solo

June 14   On the Roxx  Wellington Amphitheatre

June 15    On the Roxx Alabama Joe's

June 22    On the Roxx  Silverball Museum

July 23    Hal and Di      Brass Monkey

June 29   Kickback      Dirty Martini


July 7      On the Roxx     Charlie's

July 13    On the Roxx    Briny Pub

July 20    On the Roxx    Harbourside Amp

July 27   On the Roxx    Alabama Joe's

July 28    On the Roxx   Tipsy Tiki


Aug 3       It Takes 2          Private

Aug  4       Hal and Di         Private

Aug 11      On the Roxx    Charlies

Aug 12     On the Roxx      Private

Aug 17      Chuck and Di    Private

Aug 26     ABBAcadabra   Private


Sept 1     It Takes 2        Private

Sept 2    On the Roxx    Private

Sept 8    Opening Act    Private

Sept 15   On the Roxx    Wellington Amp

Sept 23-27 ABBAcadabra  OASIS of the SEAS


Oct 6     Opening Act      Private

Oct 13   On the Roxx      Tipsy Tiki

Oct 19    On the Roxx    Shindigs 

Oct 20   ShakeDown      Private

Oct 26   Pur Royale       Private

Oct 27   Solo Show        Private


Nov 2    It Takes 2       Private

Nov 3    On the Roxx     The Venu

Nov 9    On the Roxx    Silverball 

Nov 10   On the Roxx   Private

Nov 12   ShakeDown  Private

Nov 17  Hal and Di      Brass Monkey

Nov 18  On the Roxx    Beer fest 

Nov 21   On the Roxx    Tipsy Tiki

Nov 23   On the Roxx   Downtown Gardens

Nov 24  Pur Royale     Private


Dec 1 On the Roxx   Twisted Tuna

Dec 6   On the Roxx   Wellington Amp

Dec 7   It Takes 2        Private

Dec 8   It Takes 2        Private

Dec 11  Tradewinds    Private

Dec 15   Hal and Di    Brass Monkey

Dec 29   On the Roxx   Tipsy Tiki

Dec 31   On the Roxx   Private



Jan 19  On the Roxx    Private

Jan 26   On the Roxx   Private

Feb 6   Solo Show    Private

Feb 8  On the Roxx    Blue Pointe 

Feb 23   On the Roxx  Private

March 1.    On the Roxx.   Gardens

March 29  Solo Show Private

April 11 On the Roxx   Wellington Amptheatre

April 19  On the Roxx     Village Pump

July 27  Solo Show   Private



March 13  It Takes 2    Private






Jan 5         On the Roxx         Mardi Gras Casino
Jan 6         ShakeDown          Bostons on the Beach 
Jan 13       On the Roxx         Village Pump, Lauderdale
Jan 14       ShakeDown          Private    
Jan 19       On the Roxx         Wellington Amphitheater
Jan 20       On the Roxx         Shindig's
Jan 21       On the Roxx         Packy's  
Jan 27       On the Roxx         Private
Jan 28       Opening Act         Private
Jan 28      Hal and Di             The Hive

Feb 2        On the Roxx        Mardi Gras Casino 
Feb 3        On the Roxx         Heroes
Feb 4        ShakeDown.         CityPlace
Feb 8        Wayne Orchestra  Private
Feb 10      On the Roxx         Harbourside Amphitheater
Feb 11      ShakeDown          Boca Woods ~ Private
Feb 17      On the Roxx         CityPlace Outdoor Stage
Feb 18      On the Roxx         Club Boca
Feb 24      On the Roxx         Shindigs 
Feb 25      On the Roxx         Private 

March 2.       On the Roxx.        Mardi Gras Casino
March 4        On the Roxx         Private 
March 10      On the Roxx         Gin Mill Jensen Beach 
March 11       On the Roxx         Wellington Equestrian Center
March 14-21 ABBACADABRA    Harrah's, Las Vegas
March 25      Opening Act           Private
March 29      Hal and Di              Boca West
March 31       ShakeDown           Private 

April 1        On the Roxx           Shindigs 
April 6.       On the Roxx.         Mardi Gras Casino
April 7        On the Roxx          Gin Mill Jensen Beach
April 8       On the Roxx          Packy's
April 15     Hal and Di             Jupiter
April 21     ShakeDown           Cityplace 
April 22     On the Roxx          Boca ~ Private
April 26     Hal and Di.           Boca West
April 28     On the Roxx          Twisted Tuna
April 29     On the Roxx          GREASE

May 5        Tom and Di            Lakeside Anchor Inn
May 10      Spin the 45s          Tampa
May 11      On the Roxx           Wellington Amphitheater
May 12      On the Roxx          Downtown at the Gardens
May 20      ShakeDown           Breakers ~ Private
May 27      Hal and Di              French Quarter 

June 3         On the Roxx          Harbourside Amphitheatre
June 9-10    ABBACADABRA   Private, Texas
June 16       On the Roxx          CityPlace Outdoor Stagw


June 24      Hal and Di         Streb's

July 1       On the Roxx         Celebration City of Boynton Beach

July 4       Hal and Di            Private

July 5       Solo Show           Private 

July 7       ShakeDown         CityPlace Outdoor Stage

July 8       Hal and Di           Strebs

July 12-13  Spin the 45's    

July 14     On the Roxx         Music Under the Stars, Pompano Beach

July 15     Kickback              Mardi Gras Casino

July 16      It Takes Two        Immokolee Casino Private

July 20      On the Roxx        Clematis By Night, WPB

July 21     Hal and Di            Streb's

July 22      On the Roxx        Gin Mill Jensen Beach

July 27      On the Roxx        Mardis Gras Casino 

July 28      On the Roxx        Johnny Q's

July 29     ShakeDown         Bostons on the Beach

Aug 4        Hal and Di           Streb's 

Aug 5        On the Roxx           Shindig's

Aug 6        Hal and Di              Private

Aug 12      Hal and Di              Mardi Gras Casino

Aug 18      On the Roxx           Gin Mill Jensen Beach

Aug 19      Bounce                   Private 

Aug 25      On the Roxx           Lake Park Sunset Celebration

Aug 26    On the Roxx.         2 mile Tutu Run/ Gardens

Sept 9      ShakeDown            CityPlace Outdoor Stage

Sept 13-15  On the Roxx        Private

Sept 22       On the Roxx        Gin Mill Jensen Beach

Sept 24-29  ABBACADABRA RCL/OASIS of the SEAS                                                                                                                                                  

Oct 6          On the Roxx      Private

Oct 13        On the Roxx      Packy's

Oct 14        Hal and Di         Streb's

Oct 15       Solo Divas Show Private

Oct 20        On the Roxx       Harbourside Amphitheater

Oct 21       Big Dog and Little Kitty  Wood and Fire

Oct 25      Solo Divas Show   Private

Oct 27      On the Roxx          Old School Square                 

Oct 28      Big Dog and Little Kitty    Wood and Fire                                                                                                                                                        


Nov 3        On the Roxx        Shindigs

Nov 4         On the Roxx         Private

Nov 9        On the Roxx       Wellington Amphitheatre                          

Nov 10      On the Roxx      Johnny Q's                                                                                                                                                                                      

Nov 11       ShakeDown         Private

Nov 14-17  On the Roxx     Private / Casino

Nov 18      ShakeDown      Private

Nov 25      Hal and Di         Streb's

Nov 27-


Dec 2         ABBACADABRA  Private / Port Charlotte

Dec 16      Chuck and Di    Immokloee Casino

Dec 21     Hal and Di         Boca West

Dec 22      On the Roxx     Shindig's

Dec 23      Big Dog & Little Kitty   Wood and Fire

Dec 29     Hal and Di           Streb's

Dec 30    Hal and Di           Streb's

Dec 31      On the Roxx        Private


Jan 1          ShakeDown             CityPlace Outdoor Stage, West Palm               
Jan  8          On the Roxx           Old School Square, Delray                                
Jan 15        On the Roxx            Royal Palm Beach Concert and Food Truck Invasion      
Jan 16         Solo Opening Act   Private
Jan 20         Hal and Di Duo       Boca West Country Club  ~ Private
Jan 22         On the Roxx           Village Pump, Lauderdale by the Sea                
Jan 23         Solo Opening Act   Private
Jan 28         ShakeDown           Delray Marketplace, Delray Beach                    
Jan 29         On the Roxx          Downtown at the Gardens            
Feb 4           On the Roxx         Immokolee Casino ~ Private 
Feb 5           ShakeDown           Bostons on the Beach                                        
Feb 9           Trio                        Palm Beach Island  ~ Private 
Feb 11          Trio                       Palm Beach Island   ~  Private 
Feb 12         On the Roxx          Zuccarelli's 
Feb 13         Hal and Di Duo     Blue Horizon Casino Line                                    
Feb 17         Hal and Di Duo      Boca West Country Club ~ Private
Feb 19         On the Roxx           Boca Raton ~ Private
Feb 20         Solo Opening Act    Private
Feb 26         On the Roxx          CityPlace Outdoor Stage                                     
Feb 27         On the Roxx          Shindig's                                                              

March 2       On the Roxx           Johnny Q's                                                         
March 4       Shakedown            Zuccarelli's                                                         
March 5       Solo Opening Act   Private
March 8       On the Roxx           Corporate Event Miami  ~ Private 
March 11     Solo Opening Act                                                               
March 12     On the Roxx          Hero's                                                                                                                            
March 19     Solo Opening Act               
March 25     ShakeDown          Zuccarelli's                                                         

April 1          Vocalist / Private event                                                  
April 2          On the Roxx         Downtown at the Gardens                               
April 8          On the Roxx         Shindigs 
April 15        On the Roxx         Rock Tribute Show/Solavita ~ Private
April 16        ShakeDown         Cityplace                        
April 23        ShakeDown         Wedding ~ Private 
April 29       ShakeDown          Zuccarelli's                                                      

May 6         ShakeDown          Four Seasons ~Private
May 13       ShakeDown          Zuccarelli's 
May 20      On the Roxx          Heroes Sportsbar and Grill                     
May 27      On the Roxx          Gin Mill Jensen Beach
May 28      On the Roxx          Gin Mill Jensen Beach

June 10     On the Roxx          Packy's Sports Pub
June 17     ShakeDown          Bostons on the Beach
June 18    On the Roxx          Downtown at the Gardens 
June 24    On the Roxx          Gin Mill Jensen Beach
June 25    On the Roxx         Gin Mill Jensen Beach
June 26    Bounce                
June 30.   Hal and Di             Heroes Sportsbar and Grill

July 2       On the Roxx          Twisted Tuna
July 7       On the Roxx           Brogues
July 8       On the Roxx           Boca Biergarten
July 9       ShakeDown           CityPlace            
July 15     On the Roxx           Johnny Q's
July 22     On the Roxx           CityPlace
July 24     Bounce                   Margaritaville 
July 28     On the Roxx           Coconut Creek Casino
July 29     On the Roxx           Heroes Sportsbar and Grill 
July 30     On the Roxx           Harbourside Amphitheatre

Aug 5       On the Roxx           Shindig's
Aug 12     On the Roxx           Boca Biergarten 
Aug 13     On the Roxx           Bostons on the Beach
Aug 17     Hal and Di              Boca Resto
Aug 19     On the Roxx           World of Beer, Coconut Creek
Aug 20     Hal and Di              Boca West   ~ Private 
Aug 21      Bounce                  Margaritaville
Aug 26      On the Roxx          Lake Park Sunset Celebration
Aug 27      Hal and Di             Boca West

Sept 1       Trio                        Private
Sept 2       On the Roxx         Heroes Sportsbar and Grill 
Sept 3       Duets in Concert   Century Villages    ~ Private 
Sept 9       ShakeDown          Bostons on the Beach
Sept 15      BOUNCE              Margaritaville 
Sept 16      On the Roxx          GREASE Burger Bar
Sept 17      Duets in Concert   Century Villages  ~ Private 
Sept 23      On the Roxx          Boca Biergarten
Sept 24      Duets in Concert   Century Villages ~ Private
Sept 30      On the Roxx         Twisted Fish

Oct 1          On the Roxx         Gin Mill Jensen Beach
Oct 6          On the Roxx         CityPlace
Oct 7          ShakeDown          Cityplace 
Oct 8          On the Roxx          Packy's Sports Pub
Oct 9          BOUNCE              Margaritaville 
Oct 14        On the Roxx          Boca Biergarten 
Oct 22        ShakeDown          Charity Event, Palm Beach
Oct 28        On the Roxx         Lake Park Sunset Celebration
Oct 29        TradeWinds          Margaritaville ~ Private  
Oct 30        Hal and Di            Boca Resto

Nov 4         On the Roxx         Shindig's
Nov 5         ShakeDown          Private
Nov 11       Geoff and Di         Evergreen
Nov 12       ShakeDown          Private
Nov 18       Faces of Ginger    Port Charlotte Harbor Events Center
Nov 19       Hal and Di            Lantana Jack's 
Nov 23       Hal and Di            Heroes Sportsbar and Grill

Dec 2        Hal and Di             Lantana Jack's 
Dec 3        ShakeDown          Private 
Dec 9        On the Roxx         Johnny Q's
Dec 10      ShakeDown         CityPlace
Dec 15      Hal and Di            Boca West
Dec 16      On the Roxx         Shindigs 
Dec 21      ShakeDown          Private
Dec 23      On the Roxx         Gin Mill Jensen Beach 
Dec 24      On the Roxx         CityPlace
Dec 30      On the Roxx         Heroes Sportsbar and Grill
Dec 31      ShakeDown          Signature Grande    



Feb.  5.      ShakeDown             EAU Palm Beach Resort and Spa                     Private

Feb. 10      Duets in Concert     South Florida State College, Avon Park Fl.      Private       

Feb. 14      ShakeDown            Delray Dunes Golf and Country Club                Private

Feb. 15      On the Roxx           Artigras Festival, Abacoa Town Center              Public

Feb. 28      On the Roxx           St. Ambrose Festival, Deerfield Beach               Public

Mar 21- 28 ABBACADABRA  Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean 

APR 4        On the Roxx          CityPlace Outdoor Stage, West Palm                   Public

APR 10      Hal and Di              Boca Raton                                                          Private

APR 17-18  ABBACADABRA   Harrah's New Orleans                                         Public

APR 24       On the Roxx          Village Pump, Lauderdale by the Sea                 Public

APR 25       On the Roxx          Harbourside Amphitheatre, Jupiter

APR 29       Hal and Di              Boca West                                                          Private 

MAY 2         ShakeDown           CityPlace Outdoor Stage, West Palm                 Public

MAY 9         On the Roxx          Delray Beach                                                      Private                                                          Private 

MAY 15       On the Roxx          Connolly's, West Palm                                         Public

MAY 16       ShakeDown           Bostons on the Beach, Delray Beach                 Public 

MAY 20       Hal and Di             NYBG - New York Bar and Grill, Jupiter              Public

MAY 22       On the Roxx           Village Pump, Lauderdale by the Sea                Public

MAY 23       ShakeDown           Delray Beach                                                       Private

MAY 29       Hal and Di              Boca West                                                           Private

MAY 31       ShakeDown           West Palm Beach                                                Private

JUNE 4       Solo Act                 Boca Raton                                                          Private

JUNE 6        On the Roxx          Harbourside Ampitheater, Jupiter                        Public

JUNE 13      Opening Act          Boynton Beach                                                    Private 

JUNE 13     On the Roxx           Bostons on the Beach Delray                              Public

JUNE 17     Big Dog Band         Johnny Q's, Palm Springs                                   Public 

JULY  4       On the Roxx           Boca Hotel                                                           Private 

JULY 6-14   Duets in Concert    Resort International, Atlantic City                        Public

JULY 18       ShakeDown           CityPlace Outdoor Stage, West Palm                 Public

AUG 1         ShakeDown           Bostons on the Beach                                          Public

AUG  5        Big Dog/Little Kitty   Johnny Q's                                                         Public

AUG 14       On the Roxx           CityPlace Outdoor Stage, West Palm                 Public 

AUG 15       On the Roxx           Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach                               Private 

AUG 22       On the Roxx           Singer Island                                                       Private

AUG 29       On the Roxx           Downtown at the Gardens                                  Public

SEPT 4        On the Roxx           Harbourside Amphitheatre                                 Public

SEPT 5       Duets in Concert     Century Villages                                                 Private

SEPT 7-13  On the Roxx            Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line                         Public 

SEPT 19     Duets in Concert     Century Villages                                                Private

SEPT 20      ShakeDown            Jupiter                                                                Private

SEPT 26     Duets in Concert    Century Villages                                                 Private

OCT 7          On the Roxx           Johnny Q's                                                                                  

OCT 10        ShakeDown           CityPlace, Outdoor Stage                                   Public

OCT 16        ShakeDown           Boston's on the Beach, Delray Beach                Public

OCT 17       Tradewinds            Deerfield Beach                                                  Private

OCT 30        On the Roxx          CityPlace, Outdoor Stage                                   Public

OCT 31        ShakeDown           Boca Raton, FL                                                  Private 

NOV 6          Solo Show             Feast of Little Italy, MainStage- Abacoa            Public

NOV 6          On the Roxx          Johnny Q's                                                          Public

Nov 20        ShakeDown             Naples, Fl                                                           Private

Nov 21        ShakeDown             CityPlace, Outdoor Stage                                  Public

Nov 27        On the Roxx             Village Pump

Dec 4           Duets in Concert    Kings Pointe, Delray Beach                                Private

Dec 5           ShakeDown           Delray Beach                                                       Private 

Dec 9           On the Roxx          Immokolee Casino                                                Private 

Dec 11         ShakeDown            Zuccarellis, West Palm Beach                            Public

Dec 12         Solo Opening Act   Vizcaya                                                              Private

Dec 18         On the Roxx            Heroes                                                              Public                                               

Dec 19       ShakeDown            Bostons on the Beach, Delray Beach.               Public 

Dec 25       On the Roxx           CityPlace, Outdoor Stage                                   Public

Dec 26       On the Roxx           Shindig's, PSL                                                     Public 

Dec 31        On the Roxx            Miami                                                                  Private 

Duets in Concert ~ www.duetsinconcert.com

Duets in Concert ~ www.duetsinconcert.com

ABBACADABRA ~ www.abbacadabra.com

ABBACADABRA ~ www.abbacadabra.com

Click for Di's Songlist!

Click for Di's Songlist!